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Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
Are you sure about that? According to this link (and from my experience), that is not the case. IME, sound is stereo with voice in center channel (I think) sound from rear channels.
Before we crown a winner, it's important to note that Netflix streaming involves a pretty major tradeoff -- a huge part of the movie experience is sound, and Netflix doesn't offer any surround audio at all. You're stuck with stereo no matter what, and while we know Netflix is working it,

If they offer real 5.1 in the future that's all good and fine. The HD video is pretty darn good on most of them, but certainly not as good as BD or even the best HD broadcasting I've seen.
For movies where surround is not that important, selecting Pro Logic works well for me on some movies. There is a fair number of BD movies with lossless audio processing that only have average audio quality overall.
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