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Originally Posted by daleb View Post
Although, I get my oil at WalMart and bring it to a dealer who changes it for $15 and even washes the car.
Really ???

Most dealers would say - Get the f*ck out of here with your Walmart bought oil !! It's only about $25 to get an oil change at a car dealer, that includes the new oil, new filter, recycle fee(s), wash the car, top off the windshield washer fluid. A lot of times they inspect the brakes, tires, belts, test the battery at the same time for the same price.

How much cash do you really think you're saving by making an extra stop at Walmart to buy oil to take to a car dealer ?

When you need a brake job done do you buy new brake pads and brake fluid at Walmart and take the parts to the dealer to be installed ?

When you get a haircut and they wash your hair do you bring your own shampoo from home ?

When you someday need a hip replaced are you going to supply the parts yourself ?
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