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Originally Posted by JB Antennaman View Post
I visited this site one day and sent a link to a family member that does communications work and used those rotors - back in the day and his first comment was wow - so you can still purchase a U 100.

So I replied and asked if he ever used them before. This is what he had to say - "I had a couple that I used on the CB antenna.... The U-100 was just too light for the antenna size. The wind would back turn the motor through the gears.. I rigged up a solenoid and a lever that would "lock" the motor when it was not turning... the main gear was made of pot metal. The wind loading just cracked it in half."

That got me to thinking and I looked again on the site and saw that the factory did the same thing - for about $1000.00
I don't believe the U-100 is the same model as the U-105. The U-100 is no longer made by Alliance and I don't believe that Alliance is in any way affiliated with NTE Electronics of Bloomfield, New Joisey.

That being said, I own a U-105 and while I am not using it currently, I did use it when I lived in rural Maine and it easily handled the Antennacraft CS-1100 VHF antenna that was mounted on it. I did not use a UHF antenna at that location because there were no UHF signals in the region.
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