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Default Quality of antenna rotators ??

I'm wondering if there's any difference in quality in rotators, when purchased at the consumer price level, i.e. $80 and less.

I installed two new antenna systems here at my farm recently. Both have new rotators. One is digital control, one is manual - but they both look equally rugged (or weak). The digital is the Channel Master 9521 and the manual is an Antenna Craft TDP2.

Both are 30 feet up in the air, one holding a Winegard 8200 VHF/UHF and the other a Winegard 9032 UHF only antenna. Mast from rotator up is only 3 feet on each.

We started getting our first Fall winds yesterday, and it will get much worse, especially in early spring. One rotator that's got the smaller 9032 antenna but is higher up on the hill with more wind, already "skipped" a bit and is 30 degrees off. The other was shaking around like it was going to break off. So, I'm a little disgusted with the qualitly of these things.

So, first, I'm wondering if there is anything else out there that is better quality in this price range??

Two, I'm wondering why a ball-bearing block cannot be installed up near the antenna with guy-wires attached. Seems logical to me. This way the antenna can still spin, but it will have guy wire support so it won't shuck back and forth all over the place when the wind blows.

I thinking now, that the only chance of making these antenna hookups work through the winter will be to install a ball-bearing support with guy wires above the rotator motor near the antenna - or - just get rid of the rotators, install multiple antennas with fixed mounts, and install guy wires.

Any other ideas?

One other comment about wind. It looks to me that the Winegard 8200 is a pretty flimsy antenna, and I suspect the antenna itself isn't going to handle wind very well. On the other hand, the 9032 UHF only antenna appears to have little wind resistance and will be fine.
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