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Well, it isn't a dealer, just a few guys in a shop. But they do a good job, and are cheaper than other non-dealer mechanics. I got my Timing belt replaced and the water pump, for about $800. Another mechanic estimated $1,200 for the same.

On a side note, my passenger side rear door was not latching well. The door stuck out a bit when closed, and you could hear air coming in when driving. Been like this for weeks. It was getting worse and worse, so finally yesterday I really looked at it, fearing the latch mechnasim needed to be replaced. Not a big deal, but I have zero time. And if my kids are sitting in the back, I'd say it had to be a high priority. Turns out the latch is fine, but the U shaped thing bolted to the car that the latch latches to was loose. I tightened it with a screwdriver, and the door is perfect! Next time I fill the tank at a service station, I'll ask to borrow one of those star shaped screwdrivers to really tighten it. I am really getting to know this car...
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