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I have 4 different Digitennas here.

They are great. Well built. The bowtie combined with the VHF High reflector works well on VHF High.

I can recommend highly the Digitenna Suburban and Fringe.

I think that the Metro (a Suburban without the 2 element UHF corner reflector) is pretty good too, but the corner reflector doesnt add much in the way of bulk to the antenna and offers superior rear rejection as well as forward gains, so might as well go for the Suburban.

I dont have the City.

The Indoor is OK, however, I think that there are better choices out there for indoor. The bowtie is a bit bulky indoors and pointy/pokey.

The Fringe works great as well.

Very nice products and made in USA. Support an upstart smaller manufacturer...even if they are a bit pricey, I say.

Channel Master moved their antenna production offshore, and everybody is high on teh Chinese Made 4221HD, which is a fine antenna, and dirt cheap. However Chinese slave labor is killing other Americans jobs, and Digitennna is providing American Jobs. While Winegard and AntennaCraft are as well, there is no reason to be down on a small growing American business. They have a place too.

My 2 cents....

PS: I will be posting reviews of these soon....on DTVUSA Forum.
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