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Originally Posted by nyg052003 View Post
im a skeptical person and always thinking of the worse. I wonder if dealers can actually run a false report, like run a report to where it might only show false things, or minor things. Like have thier own report typed up and say "Carfax" on it when in actuality it really isnt a "true" carfax report. Hell they do all kinds of other false stuff like turning miles back on vehicles and stuff i wouldnt put anything past them
Well, it cost money, but you could always pull your own check and see if it agrees. If the 2 reports do not agree you might have some legal power to get a dealer to come clean. But that's why I usually stick to private parties when it comes to used cars, and have the car checked out, especially if is older and not under any warranty. A little more effort, but you do save bucks in the long run.
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