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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
Perhaps you are not aware of how many cars that are salvage get fixed and sold at auction for the used car dealers to then sell on their lots.

I have a client who offers car fax on all cars so that people KNOW the cars on his lot do not have such history. There are a lot of used cars like that being sold at used car lots and many times people do not tell you accidents, recalls that never got fixed, etc.

I had a new car dealer run a Carfax on a used 2006 Santa Fe my wife wanted and it came back that it had been in an accident where it ran off the road into a ditch. I used that to get them to lower the price more than $1,000.00 extra but at the last minute I decided not to buy it anyway.

The funny thing is I asked if it had been in an accident and they said "I don't think so", but when I looked at the date they ran the Carfax, it was 1 week before so they of course knew, but were not going to tell me until I asked for the Carfax on it. Dealers pay a flat fee per month for this service so if they can pull it for one, they can pull it for all and they do. Never let them tell you it costs more money because it doesn't.
im a skeptical person and always thinking of the worse. I wonder if dealers can actually run a false report, like run a report to where it might only show false things, or minor things. Like have thier own report typed up and say "Carfax" on it when in actuality it really isnt a "true" carfax report. Hell they do all kinds of other false stuff like turning miles back on vehicles and stuff i wouldnt put anything past them
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