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A friend took the bite and bought a salvaged vehicle, his choice. Carfax showed an accurate record of original sale, and resale, as well at the dated salvage action.
I've used it on 2 cars I bought through private parties over the last few years, and everything down to the mileage/dates was consistent with the mileage on the car, number of owners, etc.

I have never seen a Carfax report with any service information on it. Maybe that's one of the options you can pay extra for.

I would ONLY rely on the original owner's receipts or a new car dealership service records. Never a 3rd party for that information.
Those are not DMV based records and likely to have the most errors.
You still have to use common sense.

Finally, a good independent mechanic or AAA diagnostic service should be used if the vehicle is not under any valid warranty, and for your own peace of mind.

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