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Originally Posted by DoctorCAD View Post
Gee, how did we ever buy cars before Carfax?

Its a false need created by sensationalizing the very small number of "totaled" cars being sold as in perfect shape.

Carfax is like TVfool, only a one-sided approximation. It should still be up to you to figure the rest out.

As to being useful, I jhad one ran (for free by a dealer friend of mine) on a vehicle that I bought and owned for 4 years. It never once saw a garage in 4 years. Carfax showed 8 "instances" on the report!

My mother bought a used Taurus. Totally clean Carfax. After a few months, we noticed air coming in around the rear door seal. While looking for the leak, as we took off moldings, we found putty and air-bag dust. Obviously this car had been in an accident. Where was that info?
good point which raises the question of are all cars put in the system thats been in an accident and stuff, I mean think about it, humans actually supposed to do thier jobs, sometimes people dont take pride in thier jobs and therefore things thats supposed to be done so they would make something else occur , i.e. a car report for a car for instance, well that day Jody had a bad hangover and threw the paper in the garbage by accident while at work so the report that was supposed to take place never did lol, but i see your points though. Yeah people still gota have common sense, car fax or not, to check the car thoroughly and make thier own decision.
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