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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
So to be clear you are outputing video from your PS3 into the 1212 and recording it on your PC, correct?

There are a limited set of resolutions the 1212 will allow. For HD resolutions only 1280x720p/60 or 1920x1080i/30. If the PS3 switches to a non supported resolution for the 1212 like 1920x1080p/60 or 1920x1080p/24, then you would get what you described. I'm not familiar with all of the resolutions the PS3 will output.

Why are you switching resolutions in the PS3? What resolution are you switching to? Maybe if you furnish more detail as to what exactly you are doing it would help. What is the source for the videos? Are they DVDs or flash card being played by the PS3 shot on a digital camera?
Thanks for the reply Hauppauge customer support is useless.

To be clear I have used the Hauppauge with PS3 for months and had no problems recording any games what so ever. When you select component out for the PS3 it asks you what resolutions you want to use and you tick 576, 720 and 1080i. Like you suggest you dont tick 1080p becuase the PVR wont handle that and you would get a blank screen. By not ticking the 1080p box the ps3 never changes to a resolution the PVR can't handle so i dont think that is the problem.

I'm not "switching" resolutions I am just switching my ps3 output from HDMI to component so it goes through the HD PVR.

The signal seems to go from the PS3 to the PVR then into the TV fine, but the capture module is not picking up the signal and us such won't record. It seems to pick up the resolution of the ps3 but no audio and no picture in the preview window, as such any attempt at capturing fails.

I have tried new cables, un and reinstalling the drivers and software, changing USB cables, changing USB ports, turning it off and on for long periods I am at m wits and!!!

It seems to be this "no signal" screen that flashes up on my TV before the image then shows which is the problem, I have never seen it before and it is not something from my TV because if my TV has no signal the text is totally different.

I can't find anyone who has had this problem or knows the solution!

I will try make a quick video with my webcam and showing the problem
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