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Default CM4228 Not working out!

Ok Tigerbangs lend me your ear and expertise. I had an old R. Shack VU75 which I mounted a longer tailpiece on the UHF section years ago. It was 33 feet off the ground and I only had a 10DB amp mounted at the back of the set. I was able to lock in two stations late at night that I'd love to get on a more regular basis. Ch 13 WSYX at about 77 miles and Ch 46 at about 61 miles. So I ordered the 4228 put it up in the cold and snow yesterday and now I get no signal at all on either of the two distant stations! It doesn't even try to get a signal...let alone lock one in. I know adding a 7777 preamp might be an answer ??? but if I'm getting no signal at all now with the 4228, is the amp a waste of money? The 4228 I found to be very directional and it does improve the Cincinnati and Dayton stations which were already at 80% percent plus . I could get them with a pair of rabbit ears haha. So an 4228 for those stations is overkill. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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