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Default Computer won't detect tv

I'm trying to use my Westinghouse 32" LCD (SK32H5105) as a monitor for my Gateway desktop PC (GT5268e). The computer has a built in Intel graphics card with DVI-out, to which I have connected to the tv via DVI-HDMI cable. However, it does not appear that the computer is recognizing the tv; In graphics/display devices only my regular monitor shows up, not the TV. The tv does not say that there is no signal, there's just a blank screen (so apparently the tv recognizes its attached to the computer). I've updated all the drivers, BIOS information, changed the resolution to a supported res for the tv (1024x768 60hz)...nothing doing.

Is there anything I'm missing that could be causing this lack of communication...any way to force to computer to detect the tv?

Thanks for any help.
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