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Had my radio re-wired yesterday all presets, bluetooth, clock etc. now stay resident when my car is turned off. The am radio was unaffected though -still no channels. I spoke with the technician who did my install and he was very pleasant and seemed quite knowledgeable.
He told me that he gets that complaint a lot in our city nowadays. Radio manufacturers just aren't putting very good am tuners in these days - once it was hard to get a good fm tuner but now with mosty fm and sat radio with some HD radio out there manufacturers just aren't that concerened with the am market. I asked about whether a new external antenna would help and he didn't think that would help. He suggested that a signal booster might help but they are largely hit and miss and I would most likely be throwing more money at a problem than what it is worth. I listen(well listened at this point) to a lot of sports/talk radio so possibly I will consider hooking up sat radio in the future as my unit is equipped to do so.
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