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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
I hear your frustration and share it whenever these playback compatibilities come up when the family tries to watch a movie on certain discs. Despite having players from a mfg (Panasonic & Sony) that have the best track record for proactively having updates available BEFORE the disc is released it STILL delays watching movies on these troublesome BD titles and causes my family to scatter for other things to do while I try to find the latest update and then get it installed before everyone losses complete interest (or it gets too late to start the movie). This is NOt what watching a movie should include just to get the better PQ/SQ on BD that I love.

With the bandwidth caps becoming the "norm" I do not think that HD streaming is going to fly far in the short term IMO. Then there is the cost being 2-3x what renting a BD from Netflix costs as the other part of the issue, along with the lower (much lower IMO) PQ/SQ too. Maybe in 5-10 years when those issues get sorted out it CAN replace BD and then I would be all for it at this point in my frustration with BD not being ready for prime time for the average consumer with these BD-Java incompatibilities.
Excellent post Daleb, well done!
Boy did you nail it PFC5, there would be serious bandwidth (bandwidth caps) issues especially if the masses started down that path of downloading their movies! I believe by the time downloaded movies looked as good as a Blu-ray the issues that drive owners of BD players mad would be at an end. I seriously doubt that Hollywood and the studios would allow this BD-Java incompatibilities to derail the Blu-Ray format. PFC5 makes a great point that studios, chip makers and manufacturers need to be more proactive when it comes to BD-Java incompatibilities.
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