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Originally Posted by Grabber07' View Post
Well crap I ordered the first one you posted a while back. Do you see a huge problem with using this mount with the TV? The mount states that it will hold 66lbs, so technically it "Should" hold the TV. Im sure they build in a safety factor as far as the tension in shear.'

What do you think? Should I try it? Whats the worst that will happen

The TV is a couple years old.....dang they built them heavy back then!
Well only 1 way to find out.. The 66 pounds is probably with the stand so without it you will loose 4 or 5 pounds most likely. Just make sure the tilt knob that attaches the TV/mount plate to the mount itself is very tight. Then you don't have to worry about it falling off. The mount is very heavy and well made as I mentioned, just have to make sure that knob holds it at the rite tilt you want without it slipping a bit. Also make sure you use at least 2 or 3 lag screws in the 1 stud (I only used 2, but again my TV is only 30 pounds).. I can almost do pull up on that thing. Since my TV was soo light I was able to mount everything by myself in about an hour and a half.. But in your case I would highly recommend 2 people.

Also, I doubt the order shipped yet, so you can simply call and cancel if you want.. If not and it does not work out for whatever reason just return it for a refund. They are very good about that..
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