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Originally Posted by Grabber07' View Post
So the weight isnt an issue?

Edit: just read its good for up to 66lbs

Wow, I can't believe your 37'' weighs over twice as much as my 37'' does.. 66 pounds for a 37'' LCD is kinda crazy now a days.. I would assume that would include the stand as well. If not, even though the mount states up to 66 pounds, you will be just at the limit, so may not be the best choice. It is a very sturdy mount though and weighs like 15 pounds or something.. Perhaps you can verify if the 66 pounds includes the stand or not. If not, I would probably look at another application.

Originally Posted by Grabber07' View Post
Id love to use the first one you posted but it seems after review of my TV that it weighs 66.19lbs, so not sure that one is going to work.

I hear ya on the cable installation. As you know Im dealing with that on my Panny G10 in the living room.

This one is for the bedroom, we've had it for a couple of years.

Need to check on the mounting points when I get home from work.

This is the mount that tiger direct is suggesting for my TV

VESA is just the mounting screw locations, nothing to do with weight. So according to the specs 75, 100 and 100/200 will work on your TV.

The mount from Tiger Direct is nice, but is not tilting that I can see. Also is wayyyyy more expensive than the tilting mount by $90 (2nd choice) I posted from monoprice..

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