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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by JoeRoscoe View Post
Vudu's catalog of movies translates into a collection I (and most everyone else) could only dream about owning and without the logistic's problem of storage...
You don't own anything, you have rental access, same as if you used netflix, blockbuster or even the library (for free).

Originally Posted by JoeRoscoe View Post
True their HD offerings aren't quite BluRay quality, but really it's not that far removed either and the cost factor is about the same as renting the BR movie at our local Hollywood Video (currently around $6.35 per movie) and I don't have to pick-up and deliver said movie and my viewing window is much longer (30 days vs 5 day rental)...
No extras, lesser quality audio/video seems pretty well removed here.
24hrs to finish watching a VUDU movie once you start versus 5 days to finish what you started watching with the BD rental

Originally Posted by JoeRoscoe View Post
And please note that digital downloads have increased nicely...
Every digital download source combined doesn't match the % growth of either BD rentals or purchases.
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