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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
I am not. I know I was buying instead of renting on most titles on SD DVD since the cost of renting was so high with local stores. Once I changed to Netflix I mostly stopped buying all but great movies on SD DVD. I started out a little crazy with HD DVD & BD buying at the start but I almost only rent now on BD. I have not bought ONE BD movie since 12/2008. I will likely only buy about 10-20 titles on BD this year, whereas I bought that many within a month or so on HD DVD in the beginning months I owned HD DVD.

I have a ton of SD DVDs i will likely never watch again and all I do is look at them when I start thinking about going crazy buying BDs, especially when i can rent them for under $2.00 each through Netflix.
It seemed like it was just a short while ago that I was reading reports of Hollywood and Blockbusters rental stores closing. Also some reports of Netflix being in some financial trouble as well.
And now, looking at that chart, renting eats up about 1/3 of that revenue pie. An amazing recovery.
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