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Originally Posted by Louigi222 View Post
I'm impressed by the size of DVD rentals.
I am not. I know I was buying instead of renting on most titles on SD DVD since the cost of renting was so high with local stores. Once I changed to Netflix I mostly stopped buying all but great movies on SD DVD. I started out a little crazy with HD DVD & BD buying at the start but I almost only rent now on BD. I have not bought ONE BD movie since 12/2008. I will likely only buy about 10-20 titles on BD this year, whereas I bought that many within a month or so on HD DVD in the beginning months I owned HD DVD.

I have a ton of SD DVDs i will likely never watch again and all I do is look at them when I start thinking about going crazy buying BDs, especially when i can rent them for under $2.00 each through Netflix.
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