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When I view plasmas, they don't seem to have the motion blurr. On the other hand, the colours aren't as vivid and the screen appears darker to me.

I viewed plasmas and leds with similar specs, side by side and find myself liking the LEDs more.

Besides, most salesguys I've spoken to say that plasma is an old technology that most likely will be phased out.

Another thing that bothers me, is that plasmas degrade. LEDs on the other hand won't. I guess when an LED is done, the whole thing goes, but until that happens it's just as good as when new.

I'm wondering if I'm not as good with the UNB55B6000 as with the UN55B7000. The price difference is however is less than $200. So maybe the marginal difference is worth the newer model.

Thanks guys for your input.

-Peter Oh
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