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A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Originally Posted by charliebronson View Post
Hmmm nothing but crickets here.

Can anyone tell me about the Smoot Hawley tariff?.........anyone,anyone?

-Peter Oh
Yeah, I'm just shocked no one has tried to sell you a plasma yet. I own the 7000 series. It's a great TV, I have a 32" LG LCD and replaced a 50" Samsung DLP. My jaw hits the floor everytime I enter the room and look at this thing. The widgets are a gimic imo at this stage unless they do some firmware updates. Who doesn't have a wireless network with a laptop or a smartphone handy for browsing the weather or email. Blu-rays and HD programming look out of this world, nothing like in the store. Just read some other reviews on CNET or HDguru, they give pretty good information about the panels.
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