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Default samsung led 6000 vs 7000 vs 8000 anybody in the know?


I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone in here is familiar with the samsung LEDs and willing to help out.

Until couple of months ago, I still had CRT TVs in my living room and bedroom. I know, very quaint. Well the living room TV finally gave out after 10 plus years, so I decided to finally get with the times and get two new TVs. My friend was good enough to sell me a samsung 46" LCD for $700. Great deal I tought, considering the TV was only 2years old and never used. Surprise, surprise, turning on the TV it reavealed an image quality a bit worse than my old TVs. Well shame on me for not doing my homework. As it turns out the TV specs were 60 Hz, 7000:1 and 720p.

I went to BB and checked out some TV's and found the really goodlooking Samsung LEDs.

-The 6000 series with 120Hz, 3000 000:1 and 1080p.

-The 7000 series seems to have the same speccs.

-The 8000 series with 240Hz, 5000 000:1 and 1080p.

Why is it that the 7000 series with the same specs cost more than the 6000? Is twice the Hz (240Hz) in the 8000 series worth the price difference?

I'm currently leaning towards the UN55B7000 and the UN40B6000. Call me crazy but one of the reasons I'm shying away from the 8000 series is that I really like the red touch of colour (the 8000 is blue).

The best deal I found is from an E bay merchant (best buy electronics) which will deliver both for $4196 otd. Seems like a huge discount compared to what BB is selling it for. I checked the feedback and they have a 99.7% positive. I spoke to a guy over the phone and they seem legit. He says the stuff is factory brand new and not refurbished. Is this a good deal or TGTBT? Should I hold off since electronics have a tendency to cost a lot at inception and drop off steeply very quickly? Is there any point in getting the 7000 over the 6000 in the 55"? Should I hold out for the 240Hz to become cheaper?

Any information would be much appreciated.

-Peter Oh

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