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Originally Posted by tipstir View Post
Wow interesting life you got there. HAM Radio too.. You call it RATSHACK never heard it call that. TRS-80 Computer was called TRASH-80. I was a Manager of a few stores for RS Computer Technology and other RS Store. It was fun when it lasted. I pretty much did my own thing. Meaning playing Lost In Space VHS that I made/edited on the TV sets connected to surround sound systems turn-up the volume on the 15" woofer ones sold more of them that way then just to have them silent. I just told customers listen if you want the item just come back and I'll make a deal with you. Usually works out that way... I never sold extended warranty. D/R Managers hated that but who cares!

I own Pioneer equipment made in Japan most of that stuff was also made for Radio Shack too. I only use Pioneer Amps and speakers except for one marked with RS Optimus line but that's about it.. No problems with the speakers or Amps.

Good to know your enjoying your equipments..
Yeah, stick with the good stuff if you're going to make
it a system you really enjoy... let there be no doubt that way.
I use Pioneer speakers and all else is Sony. Happy with all
here. Very satisfied.
You may pay a bit more for the Good Stuff, but in the end
you won't be looking for better stuff... cause you'll be plenty

Most ham ops call radioshack the ratshack.
I watched two ratshack franchises go Belly-Up up
here... long story... not relevent to this discussion.
Enjoy your system as I will enjoy mine. Cheers !
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