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Thumbs up Long Range Wireless MOUSE for laptop to HDTV

I set my wireless DSL laptop on top of the stereo system turntable here which is next to my HDTV.
I watch free streaming movies and youtubes on the HDTV using this system.
Streaming movie host sites:

It only requires one Video Cable & one Audio Cable to the HDTV to watch
internet streaming movies. Both cables are only 6-feet long.

I needed a good long range wireless mouse since the laptop is close to
the HDTV and i am sitting about 8-feet away.

Most wireless mice are anywhere from 2.5 feet to 6 feet ranged.

So, I found the Microsoft model QVA-00001 mouse.
- OR -
This mouse supposedly has a 30-foot range !

It should work fine... so fine that i should be able to
sit at our diningroom table and control the laptop next to
the HDTV in the livingroom.

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