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Default No Internet Availability

Hey guys I need help on getting my questions answered cause Cable companies around my area ignore my questions.

I live out in the country and only have access to either dial up or satellite and both of those suck and I want/need high speed internet. I live right outside a small town that has mediacom but my address has a different city but I'm no where close to there. I live not to far from another town that has wireless dsl but can't receive a signal because of the terrain and too many trees, and that town also has mediacom.

Also I have looked into Wireless internet from cellular companies and it is as expensive as satellite and doesn't seem fast enough for heavy online gaming, also where I live there is barely a signal, so I couldn't get it anyways.

My question is, how can I get these internet companies to expand to us? Do I have to wait for the cable companies to decide that it is worth expanding? Or can I go to the city and ask them to expand and drill some lines or something?

Any info would be great, thanks.
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