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I believe all of the DLP rear projection sets at 1080p native resolution, including the Samsung sets, use wobulation. The refresh is apparently fast enough that you cant tell that each mirror on the chip is driving two pixels.

Originally Posted by Capt. Ahab
I don't know too much about the HP, but what i do know is that it is not a "true" 1080p monitor. It uses a technology called wobulation, is short, it's ?(1/2)? of the pixels of a true 1080p monitor, but wobulation makes all the pixels do "double duty" which bumps it up to the 1080p resolution. I'm not sure if it offers the same detail as a true 1080p monitor but I'm thinking not....Basically it may not look as good as a New Sammy 68,78 series or a new Sony SXRD TV...

But there is good news, check out JVC, I'm 95% sure they have a true 1080 TV that WILL accept a 1080P signal...check on this forum under this topic of RP TV and look for a JVC topic or just go

Good Luck!

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