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I don't know too much about the HP, but what i do know is that it is not a "true" 1080p monitor. It uses a technology called wobulation, is short, it's ?(1/2)? of the pixels of a true 1080p monitor, but wobulation makes all the pixels do "double duty" which bumps it up to the 1080p resolution. I'm not sure if it offers the same detail as a true 1080p monitor but I'm thinking not....Basically it may not look as good as a New Sammy 68,78 series or a new Sony SXRD TV...

But there is good news, check out JVC, I'm 95% sure they have a true 1080 TV that WILL accept a 1080P signal...check on this forum under this topic of RP TV and look for a JVC topic or just go

Good Luck!

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