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Originally Posted by gwhoughton View Post
Yeah right

OP... Where do you live, and what channel did you try recording on??

I have a feeling that you tried to record it on TNT, but it was available to you locally somehow, either through your regional Fox network, or the local channel for the team (KCAL 9 in LA or ??? in Houston area)
I live in L.A. proper--just east of downtown on a hill. Both of the "disappearing" games were on TNT. I don't think the 2nd round against Houston is on any other local channel. The Utah series was available on both KCAL 9 and either TNT or ESPN or ABC. I *DID* try to set up "dual" recordings so I could watch either the national or the local broadcast, but the dumb receiver wouldn't allow me. It would automatically mark the first one I set up as a "skip" when I entered the second one. So it is labelling them as "identical" events, when they really aren't. You would think they could program a little more smarts into them??? I think the problem there is each game has a unique numerical identifier and that's it--it doesn't distinguish between different networks broadcasting the same game ???? But even in this case, whichever one wasn't marked "skip" DID record. These last two just disappeared somewhere when the time came for them to start.

Is DirecTV just as bad???? Is this just the kind of thing one lives with in the Brave New World of HD/satellite TV?

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