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Default NBA (Lakers) playoff games not recording!

I have set up the last two Laker playoff games (vs. Houston-round 2) to record and neither one has started. When I noticed that they aren't being recorded I go and check the "Schedule" under "My Recordings" and the timer for that event has disappeared! Other timers seem to be functioning correctly, just these playoff games are mysteriously "disappearing." As a Lakers/sports fan this is very frustrating. I'm on the phone now with a 1st-level tech who has no clue and waiting for a supervisor or 2nd-level tech, so I thought I would post here in hopes of getting a fix or at least an explanation of what is happening. My hypothesis is due the "uncertainty" of the playoff schedule???? But these games ARE appearing as scheduled events when I first set up the timer. And I'm checking the Schedule to make sure that they aren't being "skipped" because of a conflict. They just simply DISAPPEAR from the schedule!

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