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Originally Posted by Peter Marlowe View Post
This is absolutely uncalled for and borders on just plain rude. My Blu-ray reviews for this site are not "12-page essays"...they actually portray a great deal of detail and time for the purpose of explaining feelings on a film's substance, and then the disc's technical's amazing how one person can take the hour or so to do a complete, in-depth review/analysis and its purpose is shattered by an individual or two that feel the need to discredit it because they don't see "the need" for such a structure on this site.

Let me guess -- I started this one, right? Just responding to what I felt was a very rude comment by "HD Goofnut."
And let me guess it's your picture next to the word pity in the dictionary. You never think you do anything wrong Peter and that's your problem. Not to mention your porno avatars don't make you look like some "professional" reviewer as you call yourself.
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