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So the upconverters have a prosessing in them that not on changes the size but kinda photoshops the images a little to make them look better?

Originally Posted by JMS View Post
I have seen complaints about bad analog to digital 'upconversion' in certain receivers, such as Onkyo and Sony. In fact, every THX-certified receiver in Onkyo's line has this in their owner's manuals:

For optimal video performance, THX recommends that video signals pass through the system without upconversion (e.g., component video input through to component video output).

My question about this $32 converter box is how good will the video conversion from analog to digital will be. (The audio is already digital, so there shouldn't be a problem converting optical/coax to HDMI.) I would expect some picture quality issues on the HDMI output of this thing.

Second, you should know that if you feed a 480p component signal into this converter, you are still going to get 480p on its HDMI output. So the question is why bother? The only thing you can possibly gain is some video artifacts that weren't there to start with.
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