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Originally Posted by lowtechdude View Post
Hey thanks Stew4HD. Polk system seems like a nice alternative. My only concern is the bulk/depth of the center.

All in all it seems I can get more speaker for the money from TSC but I cannot find a center that works and then there is matching the center with the 4 in walls that seems to be a problem. Of course TSC tells me otherwise but I dont know how objective they are as their goal is to sell speakers.

If I increased my budget to $850 is there a better 5.1 set-up I should be looking at?

Finally, I need a few sub recommendations. Looking at the TSC [maybe T250] or JBL or other value line sub. Looking for a 8-10". I don't need/want a room thumping large sub.

Again much thanks to forum members for their input.

What's your sub Budget?? I would look into Elemental Designs, they make great subs.. There is a wait, since each sub is custom built, but they have subs in just about all price ranges..
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