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Originally Posted by Stew4HD View Post
For your 600$,

Fronts: Polk Audio RC65i @ 199$ a pair
Surrounds: Polk Audio RC55i @ 149$ a pair
Center: Polk Audio CSi A4 @ 279$
All total is roughly 627$ from Crutchfield. I wish I knew a place for you to test these out for yourself but, honestly, if I was doing an in-wall install, I would be very comfortable with these Polks. I have had nothing but good luck with Polk's in the past.

The center channel is a good one and needs to be. Also, give Crutchfield a call, you might be able to talk them into free shipping on everything! The Center speaker I quoted already has free shipping on it.
Stew just nailed it.

I didn't know the CSi series was so inexpensive now. I've got the CSi6 and absolutely love it.

I also love Polk in general, but don't follow much in-wall stuff.

I've got 2 Polk LCR sets (Monitor series and RTi/CSi series) flanked with tSc surrounds. Hence the nods to tSc.
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