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Thanks Kampsy. I appreciate your honesty. You dont work for TSC by chance, lol. I agree the speakers at TSC appear to give you very good value. I dont know anything about MB Quart speakers to compare but I will assume these are high quality if you mentioned. The reason I started looking for another mid-level center brand is TSC only offers two lines of center speakers . . . a huge boxy TC line and a small TSAT line which appears better for a bookcase then to be mounted. Both don't appear to work with my set-up needs? I was looking for a center speaker 18-20"l x 5-6"w x 5-7"d like the DT ProCinema 2000 line.

Can the TSAT-2000 be mounted on top of a 52" LCD EDGE? I have the TV mounted above fireplace on a forward tilt (about 9-10" from the wall) and this speaker appears to be too small and lack the depth to mount several inches above the TV and angled down? And NO the TV location cannot be changed. Its already higher than ideal height but was mounted to be viewed from the entire downstairs adjacent rooms. Trade-offs my friends.

The TC2 is HUGE (Depth) and BOXY and I am concerned about mounting above the TV on the wall? Can it be angles down at the room? Do they sell brackets for this? Its over 20 pounds.

I asked some of these questions to TSC and no reply. While they have been responsive in the past to my quesitons I find their responses to be VERY short and lack details. You cannot get into a dialogue with their CS personnel via email. Sometimes you get a response in hours and other times days. Their speakers seem to be out of stock for long periods of times leading me to believe their products all come from Asia.

As an aside, I called one of the most reputable online electronics companies and spoke to a "speaker expert". He strongly tried to talk me out of mixing speakers from different manufacturers. Told him I really liked the DT centers and I was looking for value oriented, in-wall speakers and he said the audio/surround will not be optimal if I mix speakers (especially fronts) even if the components are the same. If this hyperbole?

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