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Originally Posted by BobY View Post
Power consumption of a PDP is relative to the imagery on the screen--in primarily dark scenes, a PDP can use much less power than an LCD of the same size, as the backlight on most LCD's is on at full brightness all of the time.
What is the source for your claim that "a PDP can use much less power than an LCD of the same size"? I looked and can not find anything to support it.

"many flat LCDs actually have adjustable backlights that you can turn down to consume less power and produce a dimmer image, while some newer LCDs, including ones that use LED backlights, can be set to dynamically adjust the backlight intensity and use less power in dim scenes."

"Because LCD uses a backlight system and closes pixels off to produce darkness, the power consumption of an LCD HDTV is constant whether the image is bright or dark. Plasma panels produce more brightness by pumping more energy into each cell or pixel that needs to be brightened, and it turns down the power to cells that need to be darkened. As a result, plasma power consumption varies with the brightness of the picture. For most content people tend to watch Plasma HDTVs tend to use more power. It is true that plasmas are likely to use less power displaying dark scenes, or movies that are dark in general, but averaged out; plasmas do tend to use more power. "

"One new feature in the latest HDTV report is energy consumption. CR’s engineers determined the amount of energy used by typical LCD, plasma, and rear-projection TVs turned on for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most sets didn’t use significantly more energy than a 32- to 36-inch picture tube TV. One exception was 50-inch 1080p plasmas, which used twice-as-much energy as the biggest picture-tube set, and more than a comparably-sized LCD. Not surprisingly, bigger screens of all types consume more electricity than smaller ones."

I agree with your bottom line, BTW
I just don't see how they rationalize making big-screen TV's the target from an energy usage standpoint--

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