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Originally Posted by lowtechdude View Post


Few questions:
Do you think the Definitive Tech ProCinema 1000 center is substantially better the TSC's centers? They sure look nicer, lol.

Do you think I could go with the nicer dual speakers NTIW25 5.25" up front and the PTIW6.5s in the rear? Or do they need to be the same?
Oooh. That's gonna get me flamed.

Ahem (soapbox):

For MY money, mid levels brands like Def Tech aren't worth the premium over entry level like Infinity, Polk, tSc, etc.

So Not in my opinion. You could spend half as much and get the same quality center. In my opinion.

Now those powered towers they have, that's another story

I think with $600 you could do a LOT of damage getting the whole system from tSc. Their subs are great (Energy Clones) and the in-walls are clones of MB Quart speakers that cost twice as much.

Many people think tSc just buy's the reference designs after a manufacturer has moved on and makes the same speaker under their own brand.

The subs are especially punchy for the $$$ you'll spend. The GM of the company is only an email away also. Really accessible in my experience. I like doing business with them because the CS is hands on.
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