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Originally Posted by tipstir View Post
Yes your correct you don't need that.. You can buy one of those DVD Recorders with Digital Audio Recording which are now available online or at Wal-Mart. They were so cheap at $59 bucks a few months back. Now they're $98 and up.. I have older one I use now and then if I want to connect to my Motorola DCT 6416 DVR/HDTV to pull out recordings. I was able to record HBO, SHO right into my tuners on my PC Video editor but that works also using Mainconcepts MPEG2 Encoder or Mainconcepts H.264 MP4 Recorder..

By the way those are great shots you got there with the DVD Recorder.

Why would I want to buy yet another DVD recorder? I already have one. Are you saying the one you're talking about has a comp input also?

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