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Originally Posted by rbinck
Texans use y'all a lot, also all y'all which I never quite understood.

We use howdy as a replacement for hello. Many think it is short for "how are you?," but we really don't care when we say howdy.

We also use folks as a replacement for the word people. Folks don't necessarily have to be good people, just people.
"all y'all" does seem redundant, kinda like a double negative although it's not logically wrong...

I thought 'howdy' was derived from "HOW Do You do?"... like goodbye derives from "GOD Be With YE"... (via con Dios). Wonder if 'hello' has a similar history...

Folks derives from the Germanic word 'Volk' (people) as in Volkswagen.

Had an amusing discussion with a German linguist while lifting a few, she talked about how almost all the 'naughty' words in English are direct imports from German...

What I really find amusing are colloquialisms, those colorful little phrases that often don't really mean what is said... There was a TV show in France that laughed at the faux pas related to these sayings when translated between French & English... And there's a great section in Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad" where a French & English prostitute have a contest over which language is the better to swear in...

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