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I think your RANT is totally bogus. On your so-called "missing-in-action" HD list, the only channel I care about is WGN which I would like to see in HD for the Cubs games only.

I'm an HBO subscriber and they provide most of their meaningful shows in on their HD channel. IF you actually subscribe to all the movie services you list, you need to get a life. IMHO, most of Hollywood is the new "great vaste wasteland" although there are some gems from time to time.

I am a recent escapee from Comcast Cable and their bogus HD claims about leading the way ONLY because of their ONDemand crapo movies. After 2 years of no HD playoff baseball on TBS, I pulled that plug.

One day soon, all shows will be in HD, but it takes big money to send up the birds to beam down all that bandwidth.
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