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I never said anything about anger. I was just pointing out the blatant false advertising on the part of DirecTV. and I think there's always room for improvement.

You want some comparison, how bout this. These channels are all in HD 24 hours a day. So 24 times 365 is 9,760 hours of HD content per year per channel, so times 60 that's 525,600 hours of HD content per year altogether. Whats does DirecTV have to match that? Well nothing but they're like "well we got Sunday Ticket" Ok thats on for 6 hours of games a day for 17 days of the year. So that's 102 hours of mostly meaningless games a year. Oh and you can only watch 1 game at a time unless you have a magnifying glass to watch the mix channel with. Which would the 75 percent of DirecTV customers who don't give a shit about NFLST prefer?

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