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What is HD?

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Default Surrond placement

Thx for the info. really good! I have one question, my couch is on back wall and covers entire wall approx. 1 foot from adjacent walls. From your info, I should place my surround speakers 1-2 ft above head on those adjacent walls, correct? Is it better to use directional and place them in ceiling, or is wall always better? They will be 90 deg from couch approx 4.5 feet off floor. I wanna use B&W speakers because thats what I have in front.(towers and center)
One more out there question? If I used ceiling speakers as 5.1 surround speakers, could I still intstall 2 wall speakers, as talked about previously as 7.1 speakers or should they really be behind my couch a few feet? (which I dont have, couch against wall on back and sides, perfect box room) Any info greatly appreciated!
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