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I've used the settings that ja2935 gave me and I've been very pleased with the PQ of the set. Here's what he posted:
Originally Posted by ja2935
Contrast = 65
Brightness = 36
Color = 37
Sharpness = 22 (or less)
Tint = R1
Color Temp = Medium
You might find that you need to increase the brightness for some SD stations to about 50 to 55.
Are your other settings anywhere in that ballpark overall? This the first HD set I've owned, so I can't say how bright it actually is. The cool temp thing may work if you can maybe take the tint a bit on the red side. But you're right- your black white levels shouldn't be like that. I'm not sure about the service codes- I'm too scared to mess with them. If you can't remedy the problem, you may wanna take a loss, dump the set for like $500, then put that toward a brand new 85...
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