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Default Need help with my Toshiba 34HF84

The Toshiba 34HF84 that I ordered just arrived and I am having trouble adjusting the picture. I used AVIA to set my levels and discovered that the light output is MUCH lower than my 26HF84. The color accuracy is certainly an improvement but the 26" ORION just provides a more overall pleasing image. The 34" just looks dim in comparison.

I played with the settings and noticed that I have to set the contrast to the max of 100 in order to match the light output of the 26". And if I turn the brightness past 35, the blacks completely wash out. I tried to let my eyes adjust and tell myself that it was a more "natural" image, but in the end the 34HF84 just doesnt have that 3D 'pop' like my crappy Orion. The colors just arent as bright and details arent as apparent.

The unit was a display model so I am worried that the picture tube was damaged from running in torch mode in the store. Obviously I could go into the service menu and increase the maximum contrast but that probably wouldnt be good for the set(?). Im sure that having brightness at 30 and contrast at 100 is not what is normally required for this set. My settings on the 26" are more like contrast 37 and brightness 32.

Does anyone have any suggestions or could post their picture settings (if you own the same set). Returning the set is unfortunately not an option.

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