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Originally Posted by JPL View Post
And... it won't pass in time. If the bill that the House votes on is different, in any way, than the Senate version, then like I said you have 2 different bills. They have to be reconciled. To do that, select members of both chambers (house and senate) go into conference, and come up with a brand new bill which is a comprimise of the first two. That bill would then have to go back to both the house and the senate, back into committee, to be debated and voted on, and if they pass committee, they would then go to the floor for... more debate and another vote.

Also, while the minority has no real authority in the house (this is a special case, meant for emergency legislation) in the senate they can slow things down to a crawl. The republicans in the senate could (and given what they did in the house, likely would) filibuster the bill. Without the ability to invoke cloture the bill can't be voted on, and it dies. In the house there are specific rules regarding debate. Not so in the senate. In the senate debate can go on indefinitely - unless enough members vote to invoke cloture and call the bill up for a vote. To invoke cloture requires 60 members - failing to invoke cloture is what a filibuster is all about. Keep 40 members from voting 'yes' on invoking cloture and the debate can go on indefinitely.

Yes, the bill is technically still alive, but it's in its death throws. There's just not enough time to get a bill through the normal legislative process.

Bill expected to be sent to the House for consideration under regular rules

John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/29/2009 5:26:03 PM MT
An aide to Senator Jay Rockefeller confirms that the Senate has once again passed a bill changing the DTV transition date from Feb. 17 to June 12.

The bill, which again passed by unanimous consent--no Senator objected--contains a couple of fixes made in the House to language pertaining to budget rules and first responder communications.

The bill is expected to be sent to the House for consideration under regular rules. If the House Rules Committee gets the bill Tuesday, the first day it could, it could get to the House floor by Wednesday, Feb. 4, where a simple majority will be sufficient to pass it.

The first bill failed under expedited rules even though a majority approved it (258 to 168), because it had to get a two-thirds majority.
Hey genius Guess those old dudes in the Senate are faster than you think.
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