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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
The problem the House members would have is debate on this bill when the public thinks they have much more important business to attend to. My opinion was the fast track was the one chance to get the cut off delayed.

The Senate bill did not really delay the analog station cut off for stations that are ready anyway. It has a provision to allow the stations the choice of cutting off their analog if the want to. My guess is most stations would rather not operate two stations if they didn't have to.
Bingo! The reason the bill is now effectively dead is because there isn't a politician within a million light-years who would waste time debating something like this while the economy is in the shape that it's in. Politically it would be suicidal. Not to mention (like you already did) that this bill was really nothing more than window-dressing to begin with. Stations, I believe, are looking forward to shutting down their analog feeds - providing two feeds costs them money needlessly. I can't imagine a market around that would have held off on their shut off even if this bill passed. Passing of this bill would have just generated a ton of confusion. Can you imagine if you hear that this bill passed and you believe that you have another 4 months to get things in place, but all the stations in your area shut down their analog feeds anyway?

For all those who think that there's another bill in the offing... that it'll happen, just wait and see... sorry, but it won't. Political reality is what it is, and even if this bill were really a good idea (which I don't think it was) there is no way a new bill will go through, nor will this bill be seriously debated in the House. Politically it would be idiotic for Pelosi to allow debate on this bill at this time.
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