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Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
The problem isn't with the equipment really, it is with the ever changing HDCP handshake so the firmware on the TV (receiver) must be updated. Strange, isn't it?
No, what's strange is the flaw that requires an audio input only when changing resolution. Initial start-up never causes the flickering. When my el-cheapo Insignia works like a champ I know there's strangeness afoot at the Circle-K.

I have seen this many times before, usually with Samsung TV's but a few Sharp's and continually am telling people to get a firmware update for their TV's. The reply I usually get is well it works without the receiver so the receiver is to blame. At this point I say, do yourself a favor and just try the firmware update. 99% of the time it corrects the problem.
Other than moving equipment around to isolate the true problem, firmware is always the first thing I attempt to upgrade. It's usually the small things that can fix the big problems. I recommend the same thing to my friends when they have issues with their components.
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