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Default Aquos LC-37D43U handshake issue when no audio sent to TV

Here's something that I haven't come across before, but has been a pain in my butt for quite a while. Like many people, I have an STB, Blu-Ray, etc, etc, running to a receiver, with a single HDMI going to the TV. For the longest time I've had an annoying screen flicker alternating with complete snow when I change resolutions. Various things would cause it: changing channels (going from one resolution to another), switching between components (Wii to STB, STB to Blu-Ray, etc), pulling up the OSD for my Onkyo TX-SR605, etc.

I always thought the receiver was the problem. I was told to send it in for repair, but just had not gotten around to doing it. Well, today I was going to box it up and send it away, but figured I would do some very thorough troubleshooting to verify that was indeed the problem. First I moved the receiver to another HDTV - no problems whatsoever. Hmmm. Plenty of channel changing, switching inputs, but I couldn't reproduce the problem.

Ok, back to the home theater setup. I swapped out all of the cables, and even bypassed the in-wall HDMI, and thought it was the length of the cables. Patting myself on the back, I put everything back together, only to have it happen again. Grrrrr.

Next up - a hard reset on the Onkyo. Still nothing! Ok, time to dig into the setup and turn things off. In my travels I decided to turn HDMI audio output ON instead of OFF. Guess what? No more handshake issues. So, I started connecting all of my HDMI devices directly to the TV, disabling and enabling audio as I went. Each device caused flicker when audio was disabled. Ok, I just disabled the TV speakers - but the TV didn't care if the speakers were active or not, it still choked when no audio accompanied the video signal.

Great, a TV that doesn't function unless audio is sent over HDMI. Normally I wouldn't mind, but since only PCM is used when sending audio out of HDMI, there was no way I'd settle for crappy sound when playing DTS-HD or TrueHD Blu-Ray titles.

Of course, my TV is out of warranty, but that didn't stop me from calling Sharp. I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a very attentive support technician, who asked me every question imaginable, but in the end wasn't able to suggest anything. Unfortunately, 2nd tier tech support doesn't work weekends, so with case number in hand I'll have to call Monday morning.

I've had great support from Sharp (they replaced my D40U after the warranty expired with my current D43U), but I don't know what kind of help they'll be able to provide this time around. I'm hoping there is a firmware upgrade that will fix the problem (they sent me firmware for the D40U - an incredibly easy task to perform yourself), and they'll send me the firmware. I guess I'll find out Monday.

Has anyone read about or had this problem with an Aquos?
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