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Default Crossover Setting On Subwoofer

I have 2 "Q series KEF IQ9" speakers and recently have added the Model "PSW 3500 Subwoofer".

My receiver is a JVC RX-5000VBK which has a subwoofer output. When connected it sends bass frequencies to the subwoofer without affecting frequencies to the 2 main speakers-. There is no crossover setting on the receiver and according to JVC all frequencies are being sent to the IQ 9's.

I'd like to know how to set the crossover frequency on the subwoofer.

Since the IQ9"s go down to 38 Hz and the Sub's crossover frequency starts at 40 Hz should I just not set the crossover at all (?) or would setting it at the first or second LED light-I believe 50hz-- or-- 60hz allow for a smoother transition?

(My other settings on the sub are "music" " slope 24b" " low pass" )

I've written KEF but they are not responding!

Thank you,

Irwin Rubin
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