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Default ATI radeon mobility 9700 DVI-I to Samsung DLP 5085EW HDMI

Thanks for the help. I used powerstrip and Moninfo as you suggested and now I can see my computer screen image from a Dell Inspiron 9100 on my TV! Prior to making the adjustments, I has overscan issues with the desktop image and an extremely squished DVD image when trying to watch a movie. The DVD image through DVI is incredible but I am not sure if it is better than thorugh my progressive DVD player through components. More fun over the weekend I guess. I tried two different resolutions suggested through Moninfo 1280x760p at 60hz and 1920x1080i at 30 hz and cannot tell any difference between the two. Is one better for movies and the other for text? Anyway, I hae learned a lot from you and the other posters. Thanks for the help.
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